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Links for contacting and receiving information about IOLR:

General Information:
tel.: 04-8565200 fax: 04-8511911 email: info@ocean.org.il.

Mrs. Ayala Lubel-Yalas Secretariat, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory:
tel. 04-9008240, ayala@ocean.org.il

Mrs. Vered Zlatnikov Secretariat, National Center for Mariculture:
tel. 08-6361436, veredz@ocean.org.il

Library, National Institute of Oceanography, Haifa : 04-8565271

Library, National Center for Mariculture, Eilat : 08-6361467

IOLR Management


IOLR Management and National Institute of Oceanography
Tel- Shikmona, P.O.B. 9753, Haifa 3109701
Fax: + 972 4 8511911
Direction map, National Institute of Oceanography

Kinneret Limnological Laboratory
P.O.B. 447
Migdal 14950
Fax: + 972 4 6724627
Direction map, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory

National Center for Mariculture
P.O.B. 1212, Eilat 88112
Fax: + 972 8 6375761
Direction map, National Center for Mariculture

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