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Hydrographic, geological and geophysical surveys

IOLR offers high quality services of bathymetric surveys, marine geophysical surveys and seabed sampling for navigation purposes, engineering projects and environmental investigations. Projects are carried out by experienced teams of scientists, engineers and marine technicians, according to the highest professional and technical standards in the field. IOLR has research vessels suitable for all types of surveys, advanced field equipment and advanced software packages for data management and processing.

The equipment pool for precise navigation, surveying and sampling includes (specifications available on request):

Navigation equipment
  • Trimble agGPS132 DGPS
  • Ashtech DGPS
  • Honeywell Electronic Digital Compass HMR3000
Seabed and sub-bottom surveys
  • Swath multibeam echo-sounder Kongsberg Simrad EM 1002 mapping system
  • Sound velocity sensor Applied Microsystems
  • Echo-sounder Odom Hydrographic Systems Echotrac Model DF3200 MKII
  • Side-scan sonar Marintech E-Sea Scan 800
  • Cesium magnetometer Geometrics G-881
  • Sub-bottom profiling system Datasonics CAP-6600 Chirp II
Seabed sampling
  • Grab
  • Box corer Ocean Instruments BX700AL
  • Piston corer
The following is a selected list of projects carried out by IOLR in recent years:
  • Israel Port Authority bathymetric surveys (ports of Haifa and Ashdod).
  • Israel Electric Co. bathymetric and geophysical surveys (gas pipeline route; cooling basins of coastal power plants) .
  • Israel Land Authority bathymetric and geophysical surveys (offshore islands feasibility study).
  • Natural Gas Administration bathymetric and geophysical surveys (gas pipeline route).
  • Survey of Israel bathymetric surveys (navigation charts).
  • OTID Desalination Co. bathymetric survey (water intake areas).
  • Isramco Co. positioning of drilling rig.
  • Fugro/Oceansismica (Italy) bathymetric survey (communication cable route).
  • Dead Sea Works mapping of salt production ponds.
  • Universities bathymetric and geophysical survey for geological investigations.

For further information contact:
Timor Katz
Head, Department of Marine Geology and Coastal Processes

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