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Research vessels

The IOLR operates research vessels and small survey craft suitable for a wide range of research, monitoring and surveying activities in the eastern Mediterranean and on Lake Kinneret.

R/V Shiqmona
R/V Shiqmona operating in the eastern Mediterranean; suitable for all types of oceanographic research including deep water operations, coring and trawl towing.

R/V Etziona
R/V Etziona operating in the eastern Mediterranean; suitable for coastal research, environmental monitoring and hydrographic surveys.

R/V Lillian
R/V Lillian - operating on Lake Kinneret; landing-craft design for access to shallow water.

R/V Hermona
R/V Hermona - operating on Lake Kinneret.

R/V Adva
R/V Adva suitable for near-shore and inland water surveys.

For information on the use of IOLR research vessels contact: Giora Boxer
Deputy Director for Operations and Logistics

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