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Scientists Baruch Rinkevich

National Institute of Oceanography

Baruch Rinkevich

Tel: 04 8565275

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 1982, Tel Aviv University, Israel
At IOLR since 1988

Research interests:
Studies on marine invertebrates (primarily corals and tunicates) immunology and developmental biology (cellular, molecular and whole organism levels), cell cultures from marine invertebrates, population genetics of corals and tunicates using molecular probes, coral reef restoration, water genotoxicity and thraustochytids biology.

Selected publications:
Ben-Shlomo, R., Motro, U., Paz, G. and Rinkevich, B. (2008). Pattern of settlement and natural chimerism in the colonial urochordate Botryllus schlosseri. Genetica 131:51-58.

Rosner, A. and Rinkevich, B. (2007). The DDX3 subfamily of the DEAD box helicases: divergent roles as unveiled by studying different organisms and in vitro assays. Curr. Med. Chem. 14:2517-2525.

Shafir, S., Van Rijn, J. and Rinkevich, B. (2007). Short and long term toxicity of crude oil and oil dispersants to two representatives coral species. Environ. Sci. Technol. 41:5571-5574.

Rinkevich, Y., Douek, J., Haber, O., Rinkevich, B. and Reshef, R. (2007). Urochordate whole body regeneration inaugurates a diverse innate immune signaling profile. Dev. Biol. 312:131-146.

Voskoboynik, A., Blecher, N., Sonen, Y., Rinkevich, B., De Tomaso, A.W., Ishizuka, K.J. and Weissman, I.L. (2007). Striving for normality: Whole body regeneration through a series of abnormal generations. FASEB J. 21:1335-1344.

Rinkevich, Y., Paz, G., Rinkevich, B. and Reshef, R. (2007). Systemic bud induction and retinoic acid signaling underlie whole body regeneration in urochordate Botrylloides leachi. PLoS Biol. 5:e71.

Shaish, L., Abelson, A. and Rinkevich, B. (2006). Branch to colony trajectory in a modular organism: Pattern formation in the Indo-Pacific coral Stylophora pistillata. Dev. Dyn. 235:2111-2121.

Shafir, S., Van Rijn, J. and Rinkevich, B. (2006). Steps in the construction of underwater coral nursery, an essential component in reef restoration acts. Mar. Biol. 149:679-687.

Rosner, A., Paz, G. and Rinkevich, B. (2006). Divergent roles of the DEAD box protein BS-PL10, the urochordate homologue of human DDX3 and DDX3Y proteins in colony astogeny and ontogeny. Dev. Dyn. 235:1508-1521.

Raz-Bahat, M., Erez, J. and Rinkevich, B. (2006). In vitro light microscopic documentation for primary calcification processes in the hermatypic coral Stylophora pistillata. Cell Tissue Res. 325:361-368.

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