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Scientists Nurit Kress

National Institute of Oceanography

Nurit Kress

Tel: 04 8565256

Senior Scientist

D.Sc. 1989, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
At IOLR since 1989

Research interests:
Marine environmental chemistry - fate and impact of waste on the near shore and deep sea environment.
Chemical oceanography of the nearshore and deep sea, cycling and transport of chemical constituents.

Selected publications:
Galil, B.S., Kress, N. and Shiganova, T.A. (2009).
First record of Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz, 1865 (Ctenophora: Lobata: Mnemiidae) off the Mediterranean coast of Israel (2009).
Aquat Invas 4 (2): 356-362.

Drami, D., Y. Z. Yacobi, N. Stambler, and N. Kress (2011)
Seawater quality and microbial communities at a desalination plant marine outfall. A field study at the Israeli Mediterranean coast.
Water Res 45:5449-5462.

Efrati, S., Lehahn, Y., Rahav, E., Kress, N., Herut, B., Gertman, I., Goldman, R., Ozer, T., Lazar, M., Heifetz, E. (2013)
Intrusion of coastal waters into the pelagic eastern Mediterranean: in situ and satellite-based characterization
Biogeosciences 10:3349-3357.

Malanotte-Rizzoli, P., Artale, V., Borzelli-Eusebi, G. L., Brenner, S., Civitarese, G., Crise, A., Font, J., Gacic, M., Kress, N., Marullo, S., Ozsoy, E., Ribera d'Alcala, M., Roether, W., Schroeder, K., Sofianos, S., Tanhua, T., Theocharis, A., Alvarez, M., Ashkenazy, Y., Bergamasco, A., Cardin, V., Carniel, S., D'Ortenzio, F., Garcia-Ladona, E., Garcia-Lafuente, J. M., Gogou, A., Gregoire, M., Hainbucher, D., Kontoyannis, H., Kovacevic, V., Krasakapoulou, E., Krokos, G., Incarbona, A., Mazzocchi, M. G., Orlic, M., Pascual, A., Poulain, P.-M., Rubino, A., Siokou-Frangou, J., Souvermezoglou, E., Sprovieri, M., Taupier-Letage, I., Tintore, J., and Triantafyllou, G. (2014)
Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea: a review of unresolved issues and directions for future research
Ocean Sci 10:281-322.

Kress, N., Gertman I., and Herut, B. (2014)
Temporal evolution of physical and chemical characteristics of the water column in the Easternmost Levantine Basin (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) from 2002 to 2010.
J Mar Sys 135: 6-13.

Krom, M. D., Kress, N., and Fanning, K. (2014)
Silica cycling in the ultra-oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Biogeosciences Discuss (in review) 11: 4301-4334, 10.5194/bgd-11-4301-2014,
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