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Scientists Timor Katz

National Institute of Oceanography

Timor Katz

Tel: 04-8565241, 04-8536585 


Ph.D. 2010, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
At IOLR since 2014

Research interests:

Marine sedimentological processes including sediment fluxes, transport, accumulation and geochemical interactions with the water column.
Current studies explore the effects of biological resuspension in the marine environment, introduction of terrestrial sediments into the Gulf of Aqaba in desert flash floods and their progress underwater as hyperpycnal plumes, post deposition dispersal of flood sediments and the effects of a multitude of environmental variables on sediment fluxes and composition along the Mediterranean Sea.

Selected publications:
Katz, T., Ginat, H., Eyal, G., Steiner. Z., Braun,Y., Goodman Tchernov, Beverly. Desert flash floods form hyperpycnal plumes in the coral-rich Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea. Revision under review (Earth and Planetary Science Letters).

Katz T., Yahel G., Reidenbach M., Tunnicliffe V., Herut B., Crusius J., Whitney F., Snelgrove V. R. P., and Lazar B. (2012) Resuspension by fish facilitates the transport and redistribution of coastal sediments. Limnology And Oceanography 57 (4): 945958.

Black K.D., Calder L. A., Nickell T. D. M., Sayer D. J., Orr H., Brand T., Cook E. J., Magill S., Katz T., Eden N., Jones K. J., Tsapakis M., and Angel D. (2012) Chlorophyll, lipid profiles and bioturbation in sediments around a fish cage farm in the Gulf of Eilat, Israel. Aquaculture 356357: 317327.

Katz, T. and others. 2009. Groundfish overfishing, diatom decline, and the marine silica cycle: Lessons from Saanich Inlet, Canada, and the Baltic Sea cod crash. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 23: GB4032.
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