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Sea level

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecast a worldwide sea-level rise due to global warming, leading to water volume expansion as the major component and ice cap melting as the secondary one. However, it has been recognized that regional sea-level rise may differ significantly from the globally averaged sea-level rise forecasts, in particular due to tectonic movements. , Therefore relative sea-level changes may be as important as those of the absolute sea-level or even more so.

Sea-level rise can have a far-reaching impact on coastal areas where much of the world's population is concentrated. For this reason, a global sea-level monitoring network was established in the 1980's. IOLR scientists are monitoring the sea-level along Israel's Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts and study the impact of sea level changes on the coastal zone. IOLR also coordinates the activities of the Mediterranean and Black Sea sea-level monitoring network within the framework of the global network.

This section of the web site presents sea-level data for Israel, articles, technical reports and reviews by IOLR scientists about the impact of sea-level rise on the coastal zone, and links to some relevant sites on the World Wide Web.

  • MedGloss - Mediterranean and Black Sea sea-level monitoring network

Information on the World Wide Web:
  • GLOSS Global Sea Level Observing System

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