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Israel's Mediterranean beaches are nourished by sand from the delta of the River Nile that is transported northwards by the combined action of waves and currents. Along the way, part of the sand is transported into deep waters and leaves the coastal system, and some of it is blown by the wind and nourishes the coastal dunes. The natural balance between sand accumulation on the beaches and removal of sand from the coastal system has been disrupted by human intervention. Quarrying of beach sand and construction of coastal structures has caused a deficit in the sand balance which has led to an ongoing process of beach erosion. IOLR scientists are studying the processes that shape and affect the coastal zone and are collecting data on the state of the beaches. The findings and recommendations of these studies have led to the development of policy guidelines and the promulgation of legislation for management of the coastal zone and the coastal sand resources.

This section of the web site presents articles, technical reports and reviews by IOLR scientists about coastal processes and coastal zone management, information on selected relevant activities of IOLR and links to some relevant sites on the World Wide Web.

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