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Yigal Alon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory

Alon Rimmer

Tel: 04 – 6721444 ext. 212


Ds.C. 1993, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
At IOLR since 2001

Research interests:
Groundwater hydrology; Karst hydrology; Surface water hydrology; Rainfall-runoff models; Physical and mathematical models of the salinization mechanisms of lakes; Physical limnology; Modeling thermal and chemical stratification in lakes. 

Selected publications:
Rimmer A. , A. Hartmann, (2014). Optimal hydrograph separation filter to evaluate transport routines of hydrological models. Journal of Hydrology. 514 (2014) 249–257

Rimmer A. and A. Nishri, (2014). “Salinity”. Chap. 8 in “Lake Kinneret – Ecology and Management”. Zohary T., Sukenik A., Berman T. and, Nishri A. [eds] .Springer, Heidelberg.

van Emmerik T.H.M., A. Rimmer , Y. Lechinsky, K.J.R. Wenker, S. Nussboim, N.C. van de Giesen, (2013). Measuring heat balance residual at lake surface using Distributed Temperature Sensing. L&O methods 11:79-90.

Rimmer A., A. Givati, R. Samuels and P. Alpert. (2011). Using ensemble of climate models to evaluate future water and solutes budgets in Lake Kinneret, Israel. J. Hydrol . 410: 248–259.

Rimmer A., G. Gal, T. Opher, Y. Lechinsky, Yosef Z. Yacobi. (2011). Mechanisms of long-term variations of the thermal structure in a warm lake. Limnol. Oceanogr. 56(3): 974–988.

Rimmer A., R. Samuels and Y. Lechinsky. (2009). A comprehensive study across methods and time scales to estimate latent and heat fluxes: the case of Lake Kinneret, Israel. J. Hydrol . 379, 181–192.

Rimmer, A. and Salingar, Y. (2006). Modelling precipitation-streamflow processes in karst basin: The case of the Jordan River sources, Israel. J. Hydrol. 331:524-542.

Rimmer, A. , Boger, M., Aota, Y. and Kumagai, M. (2006). A Lake as a natural integrator of linear processes: application to Lake Kinneret (Israel) and Lake Biwa (Japan). J. Hydrol . 319:163-175.

Rimmer, A. and Gal, G. (2003). Estimating the saline springs component in the solute and water balance of Lake Kinneret, Israel. J. Hydrol . 284:228-243.

Rimmer, A. , Hurwitz, S. and Gvirtzman, H. (1999). Spatial and temporal characteristics of saline springs: Sea of Galilee, Israel. Ground Water 37:663-673.
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