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National Institute of Oceanography

Benzion Cavari

Tel: 04-8565224

Senior Scientist (Emeritus)

D.Sc. 1968, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
At IOLR since 1971

Research interests:
Molecular Biology of fish embryonic development. Producing transgenic fish with genes responsible for growth and for resistance to diseases. Gene targeting in fish embryos. Identification of microbial communities in Lake Kinneret by using molecular biology tools.

Selected publications:
Cavari, B., Funkenstein, B. and Kawauchi, H. (2000). Cloning of a second variant of somatolactin-encoding cDNA from the gilthead seabream Sparus aurata. Fish Physiol. Biochem. 22:145-150.

Weissman, Z., Berdicevsky, I., Cavari, B. and Kornitzer, D. (2000). The high copper tolerance of Candida albicans is mediated by a p-type ATPase. Proc. Natl. Acad. USA 97:3520-3525.

Shemer, R., Eibschitz, I. and Cavari, B. (2000). Isolation and characterization of medaka ribosomal protein S3a (fte-1) cDNA and gene. Gene 250:209-217.

Almuly, R., Cavari, B., Kiselevitch, H., Colodni, O. and Funkenstein, B. (2000). Genomic structure and sequence of the gilthead seabream sparus aurata growth hormone- encoding gene: identification of minisatellite in intron I. Genome 43:836-845.

Tom, M., Moran, O., Jakubov, B., Cavari, B. and Rinkevich, B. (1998). Molecular characterization of metallothionein-cDNA of Sparus aurata used for detecting heavy metals pollution along the Mediterranean coast of Israel. Mar. Pol. Bull. 36:131-137.

Funkenstein, B., Kawauchi, H. and Cavari, B. (1997). Ontogeny of somatolactin mRNA in the gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata. Fish Physiol. Biochem. 17:247-252.

Cavari, B., Noso, T. and Kawauchi, H. (1995). Somatolactin, a novel pituitary protein: Isolation and characterization from Sparus aurata. Mol. Mar. Biol. Biotechnol. 4:117-122.

Khoo, J.G.I., Sin, F.Y.T., Flint, H., Mukherjee, U., Cavari, B., Gieseg, S. and Sin, I.L. Salmon sperm-mediated gene transfer: analysis of retention, expression, and effect of transgene on amino acid and lipid composition of transgenic tissue. (submitted)

Mathavan, S., Gong, Z. and Cavari, B. Global analysis of gene expression during zebrafish embryogenesis using oligonucleotide microarray. (submitted)

Sheng, C.T., Hong, Y. and Cavari, B. Targeting the Pax6 gene into medaka embryonic stem cells. (in preparation)

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