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National Institute of Oceanography

Boris Krumgalz

Tel: 04 – 8565224

Senior Scientist (Emeritus)

Ph.D. 1965, Chem. Technol. Univ., Saint-Petersburg, Russia At IOLR since 1977

Research interests:
Physico-chemical and geochemical aspects of natural hypersaline brines; physico-chemical aspects of solute-solvent and ion-ion interactions in electrolyte solutions.

Selected publications:
Krumgalz, B.S., Magdal, E. and Starinsky, A. (2003). The evolution of a chloride sedimentary sequence - simulated evaporation of the Dead Sea Lake. Isr. J. Earth Sci. 51(3/4):235-267.

Krumgalz, B.S. (2001). Application of the Pitzer ion interaction model to natural hypersaline brines. J. Mol. Liq. 91(1-3):3-19.

Krumgalz, B.S., Pogorelsky, R., Sokolov, A. and Pitzer, K. (2000). Volumetric ion interaction parameters for single-solute electrolyte aqueous solutions at various temperatures. J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 29(5):1123-1140.

Krumgalz, B.S., Hecht, A., Starinsky, A. and Katz, A. (2000). Thermodynamic constraints on Dead Sea evaporation: how much can the Dead Sea evaporate? Chem. Geol. 165(1-2):1-11.

Krumgalz, B.S., Starinsky, A. and Pitzer, K. (1999). Ion interaction approach: pressure effect on the solubility of some minerals in submarine brines and seawater. J. Solut. Chem. 28:667-692.

Krumgalz, B.S. (1997). Ionic association in aqueous solutions of salts with tetraalkylammonium ions. J. Mol. Liq. 73/74:133-145.

Krumgalz, B.S. (1997). Ion interaction approach to geochemical aspects of the Dead Sea. In: Niemi, T.M. and Ben-Avraham, Z. (eds.), The Dead Sea. The Lake and Its Setting, Joel R. Gat. New York – Oxford, Oxford University Press pp. 145-160.

Krumgalz, B.S., Pogorelsky, R. and Pitzer, K.S. (1996). Volumetric properties of single aqueous electrolytes from zero to saturation concentration at 298.15oK represented by Pitzer's ion interaction equations. J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 25:663-689.

Krumgalz, B.S., Pogorelsky, R. and Pitzer, K.S. (1995). Ion interaction approach to calculations of volumetric properties of aqueous multiple-solute electrolyte solutions. J. Solut. Chem. 24:1025-1038.

Krumgalz, B.S. (1983). Calculations of ionic contributions of various thermodynamic and transport properties of electrolyte solutions. In: Newman, S.A. (ed.), Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Ann Arbor Science, pp. 363-378.

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