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National Institute of Oceanography

Esther Lubzens

Tel: 04 – 8565260

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 1974, Imperial College, University of London, UK
At IOLR since 1979

Research interests:
Physiology and functional genomics of reproduction, focusing on oocyte formation and maturation in rotifers, shrimp and marine fish. Cryopreservation of spermatozoa, oocytes and embryos in marine and aquatic organisms. Preservation of cells and tissues.

Selected publications:
Zhang, T., Rawson, D.M., Pekarsky, I., Blais, and Lubzens, E. (2007). Low temperature preservation of fish gonad cells and oocytes. In: The Fish Oocyte: From Basic Studies to Biotechnological Applications, Babin, P., Cerda, J. and Lubzens, E. (Eds). New York, Springer. pp. 411-436.

Babin, P.J., Carnevali, O., Lubzens, E. and Schnieder, W.J. (2007). Molecular aspects of oocyte vitellogenesis in fish. In: The Fish Oocyte: From basic studies to biotechnological application, Babin, P., Cerda, J. and Lubzens, E. (Eds). New York, Springer, pp. 39-77

Babin, P., Cerda, J. and Lubzens, E. (2007). The Fish Oocyte. From basic studies to biotechnological application, New York, Springer, 510p.

Avarre, J.C., Lubzens, E. and Babin, P.J. (2007). Apolipocrustacein, formerly vitellogenin, is the major egg yolk precursor protein in decapod crustaceans and is homologous to insect apolipophorin II/I and vertebrate apolipoprotein B. BMC Evol. Biol. 7:3.

Fabra, M., Raldua, D., Bozzo, M.G., Deen, P.M.T., Lubzens, E. and Cerda, J.
(2006). Yolk proteolysis and aquaporin 1-o play essential roles to regulate fish oocyte hydration during meiosis resumption. Dev. Biol. 295:250-262.

Carnevali, O., Cionna, C., Tosti, L., Lubzens, E. and Maradonna, F. (2006). Role of cathepsins in ovarian follicle growth and maturation - Review. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 146:195-203.

Lubzens, E., Rosenfeld, H., Meiri, , Olsson, P.-E., Cerda, J., Babin, P.J., Admon, A., Carnevali, O., Rawson, D., Zhang, T., Dichtl, M. and Pagelson, G. (2005). In: Cryopreservation of fish oocytes: Achievements and prospects, Henry, C.I., Van Stappen, G., Wille, M. and Sorgeloos, P. (Eds.) Larvi' 05- Fish & Shellfish Larviculture Symposium, Ostende, Belgium, European Aquaculture Society, Special Publication # 36. pp. 296-297

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Avarre, J.C., Michelis, R., Tietz, A. and Lubzens, E . (2003). Relationship between vitellogenin and vitellin in a marine shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) and molecular characterization of vitellogenin complementary DNAs. Biol. Reprod. 69:355-364.

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