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National Center for Mariculture

Amir Neori

Tel: 08 – 6361445
Cell: 050 - 5993746

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 1986, University of California - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
At IOLR since 1986

Research interests:
Algae, water quality, biofilters, sustainable mariculture development; Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), greenwater and periphyton in aquaculture; drip irrigation culture of macroalgae and algal mats. 

Selected publications:
Baghel, R. S., Trivedi, N., Gupta, V., Neori, A. Reddy, C. R. K., Lali, A., & Jha, B. (2015). Biorefining of marine macroalgal biomass for production of biofuel and commodity chemicals. Green Chemistry 17:2436–2443.

Neori, A. (2013). 'Greenwater' aquaculture. World Aquaculture 44 (2):26-30.

Neori, A., Nobre, A.M. (2012). Relationship between trophic level and economics in aquaculture. Aquacult. Econ. Manag. 16:40-67

Neori, A., Mendola, D. (2012). An anaerobic slurry module for solids digestion and denitrification in recirculating, minimal discharge marine fish culture systems. J. World Aquacult. Soc. 43:859-868.

Msuya, F.E. and Neori, A. (2010). The performance and chemical composition of spray-irrigated seaweed Ulva lactuca as a crop and as a biofilter of fishpond effluents. J. Phycol . 46:813-817.

Neori, A., Krom, M.D. and van Rijn, J. (2007). Biogeochemical processes in intensive zero-effluent marine fish culture with recirculating aerobic and anaerobic biofilters. J. Exp.Mar.Biol. Ecol. 349:235-247.

Neori, A., Chopin, T., Troell, M., Buschmann, A.H., Kraemer, G.P., Halling, C., Shpigel, M. and Yarish, C. (2004). Integrated aquaculture: rationale, evolution and state of the art. Aquaculture 231:361-391.

Troell, M., Halling, C., Neori, A., Chopin, T., Buschmann, A.H., Kautsky, N. and Yarish, C. (2003). Integrated mariculture: asking the right questions. Aquaculture 226:69-90.

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Neori, A. and Holm Hansen, O. (1982). Effect of temperature on rate of photosynthesis in Antarctic phytoplankton. Polar Biol . 1:33-38.  
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