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National Institute of Oceanography

Nir Stern

Tel: 04 – 8565274


Ph.D. 2016, Tel Aviv University, Israel
At IOLR since 2016

Research interests:
Studies on various aspects of marine and freshwater ichthyology.
A special emphasis is given on taxonomy, systematics, species delimitation, phylogenetic, phylogeography, population genetic, evolution and biological invasion processes.

Selected publications:
Goren M, Galil BS, Diamant A, Gayer K, Stern N (2009). First record of the Indo-Pacific cardinal fish Apogon fasciatus (White, 1790) in the Mediterranean Sea. Aquatic Invasions, 4: 409-411.

Stern N, Goren M (2013). First record of the moray eel Gymnothorax reticularis Bloch, 1795 in the Mediterranean Sea, with a note on its taxonomy and distribution. Zootaxa 3641: 197-200.

Stern N, Levitt Y, Galil BS, Diamant A, Yokes MB, Goren M (2014). Distribution and population structure of the alien Indo-Pacific Randall’s threadfin bream Nemipterus randalli in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Journal of Fish Biology, 85: 394-406.

Stern N, Rinkevich B, Goren M (2015). First record of the Goldstripe sardinella - Sardinella gibbosa (Bleeker, 1849) in the Mediterranean Sea and confirmation for its presence in the Red Sea. BioInvasion Records, 4: 47-51.

Levy Y, Frid O, Weinberger A, Sade R, Adam Y, Kandanyan U, Berkun V, Perry N, Edelist D, Goren M, Rothman S, Stern N, Tchernov D, Rilov G (2015) A small fishery with high impact on sea turtle populations in the eastern Mediterranean. Zoology in the middle east 61: 300-317.

Stern N, Rinkevich B, Goren M (2016, accepted). Integrative approach revises the frequently misidentified Sardinella species (Clupeidae) of the Indo-west Pacific. Journal of fish biology .
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