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Yigal Alon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory

Ora Hadas

Tel: 04 – 6721444 ext. 204

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 1983, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
At IOLR since 1986

Research interests:
Limnological and Ecophysiological aspects of cyanobacteria. Biogeochemical processes: Nitrogen cycle, Chemosynthesis. Enzymatic studies: alkaline phosphatase, nitrate reductase, glutamine synthetase. Monitoring of fecal bacterial indicators. Mougeotia blooms and ecophysiology

Selected publications:
Hadas, O., Corradini, M.G. and Peleg, M. (2004). Statistical analysis of the fluctuating counts of fecal bacteria in the water of Lake Kinneret. Water Res. 38:79-88.

Hadas, O., Pinkas, R., Malinsky-Rushansky, N., Shalev-Alon, G., Delphine, E., Berner, T., Sukenik A. and Kaplan, A. (2002). Physiological variables determined under laboratory conditions may explain the bloom of Aphanizomenon ovalisporum in Lake Kinneret. Euro. J. Phycol. 37:259-267.

Hadas, O., Pinkas, R. and Erez, J. (2001). High chemoautotrophic primary production in Lake Kinneret, Israel – a neglected link in the C cycle of the lake. Limnol. Oceanogr . 46::1968-1976.

Vardi, A., Berman-Frank, I., Rozenberg, T., Hadas, O., Kaplan, A. and Levine, A. (1999). Programmed cell death of the dinoflagellate Peridinium gatunense is mediated by CO2 limitation and oxidative stress. Curr. Biol. 9:1061-1064.

Hadas, O., Altabet, M. A., and Agnihotri, R. (2009). Seasonally varying nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry of particulate organic matter (POM) in Lake Kinneret, Israel. Limnol. Oceanogr. 54: 75-85.

Junier, P., Kim, O., Eckert, W., Casper, P., Witzel, K-P., Imhoff, J. F. and Hadas, O. (2010). Methane- and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria at the chemocline of Lake Kinneret (Israel). Aquat. Microbial. Ecol. 58: 241-248.

Bar-Yosef, Y., Sukenik, A., Hadas, O., Viner-Mozzini, Y. and Kaplan, A. (2010). Enslavement in the water body by toxic Aphanizomenon ovalisporum, inducing alkaline phosphatase in phytoplankton. Current Biology. 20: 1557-1561.

Hadas, O., Pinkas, R., Malinsky-Rushansky, N., Nishri, A., Kaplan, A., Rimmer, A. and Sukenik, A. (2012). “Appearance and establishment of diazotrophic cyanobacteria in Lake Kinneret, Israel". Freshwater Biology. 57:1214-1227.

Hadas, O., Berman, T.. Malinsky-Rushansky, N. Gal, G. (2014). Protozoa ( Unicellular zooplankton): Ciliates and Fagellates. In In Lake Kinneret Ecology and Management Zohary, T, Sukenik, A, Berman, T, Nishri, A, Eds.; Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 247-259.

Sukenik, A., Hadas, O., Kaplan, A. (2014). Cyanobacteria. In In Lake Kinneret Ecology and Management Zohary, T, Sukenik, A, Berman, T, Nishri, A, Eds.; Springer: Dorordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 213-226.
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