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Yigal Alon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory

Shira Ninio

Tel: 04 – 6721444 ext. 224

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 2004, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
At IOLR since 2015

Research interests:
Marine microbiology, bacterial biofilm formation, microbial pathogens in the environment, Legionella pneumophila, bacteria-protozoa relationships, molecular techniques for monitoring microorganisms in aquatic systems.

Selected publications:
Goodwin, I.P., Kumova, O.K. and Ninio, S. A conserved OmpA-like protein in Legionella pneumophila required for efficient intracellular replication. FEMS Microbiology Letters 363 (16), fnw173, 2016.

Campodonico, E.M., Roy, C.R. and Ninio, S. Legionella pneumophila type IV effectors YlfA and YlfB are SNARE-like proteins that form homo-and heteromeric complexes and enhance the efficiency of vacuole remodeling. PLoS one, 11 (7), e0159698, 2016.

Ninio S. , Celli, J., and Roy, C.R. A Legionella pneumophila effector protein encoded in a region of genomic plasticity binds to Dot/Icm-modified vacuoles. PLoS Pathogens, 5: e1000278, 2009

Ninio, S. , and Roy, C.R. Effector proteins translocated by Legionella pneumophila: strength in numbers. Trends in Microbiology, 15: 372-380, 2007.

Ninio, S. , Zuckman-Cholon D.M., Cambronne E.D. and Roy, C.R. The Legionella IcmS-IcmW protein complex is important for Dot/Icm-mediated protein translocation. Molecular Microbiology, 55: 912-926, 2005.

Ninio, S. , Elbaz, S. and Schuldiner, S. The membrane topology of EmrE - a small multidrug transporter from Escherichia coli. FEBS Letters, 563: 193-196, 2004.

Ninio, S. and Schuldiner, S. Characterization of an archaeal multidrug transporter with a unique amino acid composition. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278: 12000-12005, 2003.

Schuldiner, S., Granot, D., Steiner Mordoch, S., Ninio, S. , Rotem, D., Soskin, M., Tate, C.G. and H. Yerushalmi. Small is mighty: EmrE, a multidrug transporter as an experimental paradigm. News in Physiology and Science, 16: 130-134, 2001.

Schuldiner, S., Granot, D., Steiner Mordoch, S., Ninio, S. , Rotem, D., Soskin, M. and Yerushalmi, H. Precious things come in little packages. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2: 155-162, 2001.

Ninio, S. , Rotem, D. and Schuldiner, S. Functional analysis of novel multidrug transporters from human pathogens. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 276: 48250-48256, 2001.
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