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National Institute of Oceanography

Moshe Tom

Tel: 04 – 8565257

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. 1987, Tel Aviv University, Israel
At IOLR since 1986
Retired 1.2.2014
Active researcher as emeritus at present
Research interests:
Environment-affected gene expression in fish; environmental bio monitoring and utilization of competitive ELISA, real time PCR and multigene cDNA-related methodologies to evaluate gene product biomarkers; Crustacean biology, physiology and gene expression in relation to molt and reproduction; Evaluation of dioxin-like compounds in environmental samples; Benthic ecology.

Selected publications:
Tom, M. and Galil, B. (1991). The macrobenthic associations of Haifa Bay, Mediterranean coast of Israel. P.S.Z.N.I. Mar. Ecol. 12(1): 75-86.

Tom, M., Myers, C.R., Waterman M.R. (2002). Competitive ELISA utilizing membrane-free, recombinant fish CYP1A as standard for evaluation of its microsomal homologue molar concentrations. Aquat. Toxicol . 59: 101-114.

Tom, M., Shmul, M., Shefer, E., Chen, N., Slor, H., Rinkevich, B., Herut, B. (2003). Quantitative evaluation of hepatic cytochrome P4501A transcript, protein and catalytic activity in the striped sea bream, Lithognathus mormyrus. Environ. Toxicol. Chem . 22: 2088–2092.

Tom, M., Auslander, M. (2005). Transcript and protein environmental biomarkers in fish – a review. Chemosphere 59: 155–162.

Yudkovski, Y., Rogowska-Wrzesinska, A., Yankelevich, I., Shefer, E., Herut, B., Tom, M. (2008). Quantitative immunochemical evaluation of fish metallothionein upon exposure to cadmium. Environ .Mar. Res . 65: 427–436.

Auslander, M., Yudkovski, Y., Chalifa-Caspi, V., Herut, B., Ophir, R., Reinhardt, R., Neumann, P.M., Tom, M. (2008) Pollution-affected fish hepatic transcriptome and its expression patterns upon exposure to cadmium. Mar. Biotechnol . 10: 250-261.

Glazer, L., Shechter, A., Tom, M., Yudkovsky, Y., Weil, S., Aflalo, E.D., Pamuru, R.R., Berman, A., Bentov, S., Sagi, A. (2010). A protein involved in the assembly of an extracellular calcium storage matrix. J. Biol. Chem. 285, 17: 12831–12839.

Yudkovski, Y., Ramsak, A., Auslander, M., Tom, M. (2010). Potential of hepatic transcriptome expression profile of the striped seabream (Lithognathus mormyrus) as an environmental biomarker. Biomarkers 15: 625-638.

Glazer, L., Tom, M. , Weil, S., Roth, Z., Khalaila, I., Mittelman, B., Sagi, A. (2013). Hemocyanin with phenoloxidase activity in the chitin matrix of the crayfish gastrolith. J. Exp. Biol. 216(10), 1898-1904.

Tom, M. , Manfrin, C., Giulianini, P.G., Pallavicini, A. 2013. Crustacean oxi-reductases protein sequences derived from a functional genomic project potentially involved in ecdysteroid hormones metabolism - a starting point for function examination. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 194, 71–80.

Tom, M., Manfrin, C., Chung, S.J., Sagi, A., Gerdol, M., De Moro, G. Pallavicini, A., Giulianini, P.G. (2014). Expression of cytoskeletal and molt-related genes is temporally scheduled in the hypodermis of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii during premolt. J Exp. Biol. 217, 4139-4202.

Tom, M. , Manfrin, C., Mosco, A., Gerdol, M., De Moro, G. Pallavicini, A., Giulianini, P.G. (2014). Different transcription regulation routes are exerted by L- and D-amino acid enantiomers of peptide hormones. J Exp. Biol. 217, 4337-4346.

Manfrin, C., Tom M., De Moro G., Gerdol, M., Pallavicini, A., Giulianini P.G. (2015). The Eyestalk Transcriptome of Red Swamp Crayfish Procambarus clarkii. Gene 557 28–34.
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