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National Institute of Oceanography

Zvi Rosentraub

Tel: 04 – 8565248


D.Sc. 1995, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
At IOLR since 1971

Research interests:
Physical Oceanography; Shelf dynamic; Coupling between shelf and ocean circulation; Ocean and coastal dynamics numerical modeling; Air-sea interaction and precipitation.

Selected publications:
Kunitsa, D., Rosentraub, Z. and Stiassnie, M. (2004). Estimates of winter currents on the Israeli continental shelf. Coast. Eng. 52:93-102.

Rosentraub, Z. (2004). Current measurements off Ashdod Port. Final Report: Third year of measurements: July-2003-July 2004. Submitted to the Port and Railways Authority. IOLR Rep. H38/2004.

Rosentraub, Z. (2000). New current measurements off Tel Aviv-Herzlia coast. Yearly summery Rep. 1999-2000, In: Assessment of marine environmental impacts due to construction of artificial islands. Israel Land Management Administration, Progress Rep. No. 8., IOLR Rep. H34/00.

Rosentraub, Z, Bishop, J. and Brenner, S. (1999). Current measurements in Haifa Bay: Final Rep. and summery 17 February 1998 - 12 May 1999. Submitted to Haifa Port expansion project. Environmental Impact Assessment, Rep. 28., IOLR Rep. H18/99.

Rosentraub, Z. and Gertman, I. (1996). Hydrographic survey to investigate the thermohalin structure and circulation on the Israeli continental margin. Final report for year 1996. Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Rep. ES-65-96, IOLR Rep. H28/96.

Rosentraub, Z. (1995). Winter currents on the continental shelf of Israel. D.Sc. Research Thesis, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Ossoy, E., Hecht, A., Unlata, U., Brenner, S., Sur, H.I., Bishop, J., Latif, M.A., Rosentraub, Z. and Oguz, T. (1993). A synthesis of the Levantine Basin circulation and hydrography, 1985-1990. Deep-Sea Res. 40:1075-1119.

Rosentraub, Z. and Brenner, S. (1991). On the relationship between eastern Mediterranean surface heat fluxes and precipitation in Israel. Isr. J. Earth Sci. 39:119-124.

Brenner, S., Rosentraub, Z., Bishop, J. and Krom, M. (1991). The mixed layer/thermocline cycle of a persistent warm core eddy in the eastern Mediterranean. Dyn. Atmos. Oceans 15:457-478.

Robinson, A.R., Hecht, A., Pinardi, N., Bishop, J., Leslie,W.G., Rosentraub, Z., Mariano, A.J. and Brenner, S. (1987). Small synoptic/mesoscale eddies and energetic variability of the eastern Levantine basin. Nature. 327(6116):131-133.

Hecht, A., Rosentraub, Z. and Bishop, J. (1985). Temporal and spatial variations of heat storage in the Eastern Mediterranean. Isr. J. Earth Sci. 34(2-3):51-64.

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