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Kinneret Limnological Laboratory

The Yigal Allon Kinneret Limnological Laboratory (KLL) located on the NW shore of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), monitors major environmental factors that determine the state of the lake and conducts limnological research aimed at understanding how present and future conditions might affect the ecosystem of the lake and the quality of its water. The results of KLL's research and monitoring activities provide
scientific support for decision-making on the management of the Kinneret as a sustainable source of national water supply and on its other major uses (recreation and fisheries). The laboratory provides data, information and advice to the Water Commission, to the Mekorot Water Company, to the Kinneret Authority and to other local and governmental agencies operating in the lake arena.

The KLL research and monitoring activities are tightly interlinked. The Kinneret monitoring program includes weekly and bi-weekly collection of water samples from various locations in the lake, and analysis of various physical, chemical and biological parameters. Additionally, several parameters are measured continuously at a central location in the lake and the data is transmitted in a near real-time to the laboratory database. The laboratory studies on major processes operating in the lake and its catchment establish the scientific framework required for interpretation of the monitoring data. The broad range of questions considered include such diverse topics as Lake Kinneret hydrodynamics, transport processes of nutrients and pollutants into the lake and their bio-geochemical cycles within the lake, structure and function of the lake ecosystem, factors that govern the development of toxic cyanobacteria, responses of the lake ecosystem to water level fluctuations, the effect of human activities and agricultural/urban developments on the lake system and water quality, and development of limnological models to simulate the major limnological processes and to assess various lake management scenarios.

The professional staff at the KLL includes about 30 scientists, research assistants and technicians with varied expertise in limnology and aquatic sciences. In addition, students from Israeli and foreign institutions of high education are carrying out research projects for advanced degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) under the supervision of KLLs scientists. The laboratory conducts collaborative research with scientists from local and foreign universities and research institutions and provides consulting and training services to developing countries.

The KLL operates advanced research and monitoring facilities including research vessels, an autonomous raft in the center of Lake Kinneret for continuous monitoring of water quality, additional autonomous data acquisition systems, and diverse equipment for water sampling and data acquisition from the research vessels. The laboratory houses chemical and biological analytical laboratories, microscopic laboratory for plankton identification, and outdoor experimental tanks with continuous flow of lake water.
The Kinneret Data Center at the KLL archives, analyzes and distributes data and information on Lake Kinneret.

The KLL provides a variety of professional services including: environmental impact studies for development projects around Lake Kinneret, analyses of water chemistry and biology, and professional consulting on water quality and management of inland water bodies.

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