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Oceanography and Environmental Research


  • Developing a real time smart monitoring system of water quality near marine infrastructures that integrates stationary multi-spectral camera/s, bio-molecular indicators & continuous in situ measurements in the water body. press here for more details
Grant/Contract:Israel Ministry of Science & Technology
PI:Gideon Tibor (coordinator), Barak Herut
Collaborators: Maxim Shoshani (Technion), Tamar Lotan (Univ. of Haifa).

  • SEADATANET: Pan-European infrastructure for ocean & marine data management
Grant/Contract:European Commission
PI:I. Gertman
Collaborators:49 partners from 35 countries around the NE Atlantic and its adjacent Seas.

  • ECOOP: European Coastal sea Operational Observing and Forecasting system
Grant/Contract:European Commission
PI:I. Gertman
Collaborators:72 parthers from about 37 countries around the NE Atlantic and its adjacent seas.

  • Equations of state for the Aral Sea and the Dead Sea: Searching for common approaches
Grant/Contract:Israel Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport
PI:I. Gertman
Collaborators:P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sience.

  • MyOcean - marine core service for GMES
Grant/Contract:European Commission
PI:I. Gertman, D.S. Rosen
Collaborators:Multinational project coordinated by Mercator Ocean, France.

  • MedGLOSS pilot network of sea level monitoring in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
Grant/Contract:CIESM; IOC
PI:D.S. Rosen
Collaborators:Multinational project coordinated by IOLR

  • Trunami early warning and mitigation system in the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas (NEAMTWS)
PI:D.S. Rosen
Collaborators:Multinational project coordinated by INGV

  • Environmental impact assessments of the Haifa Port expansion
Grant/Contract:Israel Ports Development and Assets Company Ltd.
PI:D.S. Rosen, B. Galil, I. Gertman, A. Golan, N. Kress
Collaborators:Danish Hydraulic Institute.

  • Meteo-marine monitoring and processes
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Defence, Israel Navy
PI:D.S. Rosen, L. Raskin

  • Sea level monitoring at Elat
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:D.S. Rosen, L.Raskin
Collaborators:Interuniversity for Marine Sciences at Elat

  • Research on coastal cliffs and beach erosion in Israel
Grant/Contract:North American Friends of IOLR
PI:D.S. Rosen

  • Hazard assessment of tsunami waves for the Israel coast by adaptation of state of the art tsunami generation and propagation models towards the Israel coast
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:D.S. Rosen, B. Galanti
Collaborators:Geological Survey of Israel.

  • The current regime in the Ashdod and Haifa port areas
Grant/Contract:Port Authority
PI:Z. Rosentraub

  • Wintertime cross shelf circulation and mixing on the central Israeli shelf
Grant/Contract:United States-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation (BSF)
PI:Z. Rosentraub
Collaborators:Texas A&M University, Department Of Marine Sciences & Oceanography.

  • Mapping sinkholes on the seafloor of the Dead Sea
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:G. Tibor

  • High resolution geophysical imaging of active faults in the Aqaba-Eilat
PI:G. Tibor
Collaborators:Tel-Aviv University, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan, University of Missouri-Kansas City, U.S.A.

  • Dating a submerged fossil reef in the northern Gulf for estimation the movement along "Evropa" fault
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:G. Tibor

  • Detection of fresh groundwater bodies within the Mediterranean sub-marine aquifers offshore Israel using marine geoelectromagnetic methods
Grant/Contract:BMBF, Joint Israeli-German Research Projects
PI:B. Herut, G. Tibor
Collaborators:Geophysical institute of Israel and German partners from the University of Cologne.

  • Pollution levels in Israels ports and marinas and water quality for diving
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Defense
PI:B. Herut
Collaborators:Geological Survey of Israel

  • Particulate phosphorous in the Gult of Eilat: Implications of anthropogenic impact
Grant/Contract:BMBF, Joint Israeli-German Research Projects
PI:B. Herut, A. Nishri
Collaborators:Kiev and Bremen Universities, Germany.

  • Evaluation of the seawater solubility of Fe in the Eastern Mediterranean aerosol
PI:B. Herut
Collaborators:University of Plymouth (UK), Middle East Technical University (Turkey).

  • National Marine Pollution Monitoring Program
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Environmental Protection
PI:B. Herut, E. Shefer, N. Gordon, B. Galil, G. Tibor

  • SESAME - Southern Eropean Seas: assessing and modeling ecosystem changes
Grant/Contract:Eropean Commission
PI:B. Herut, I. Gertman, N. Kress, B. Galil
Collaborators:48 institutions from about 30 countries around Mediterranean and Black Seas.

  • Determination of detergents in seawater of Eilat
Grant/Contract:Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority (INNPPA)
PI:N. Kress
Collaborators:Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

  • Phytoplankton in the Kishon River
Grant/Contract:Kishon River Authority
PI:N. Kress, N. Gordon, B. Herut

  • Mercury speciation in sediments of Haifa Bay, Israel
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:E. Shoham-Frider, N. Kress

  • Chromium anomaly in sediments along the southern Mediterranean shore of Israel
Grant/Contract:Ministry of National Infrastructures
PI:N. Kress, E. Shoham-Frider

  • The influence of Iron salts discharged from desalination plants on the marine environment
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)
PI:N. Kress
Collaborators:Ministry of Environmental Protection (INNPPA)

  • Monitoring of the marine environment at a treated industrial effluents discharge site
Grant/Contract:Paz, Ashdod Refinery and Agan, chemicals
PI:E. Shoham-Frider, N. Kress, B. Galil

  • Monitoring of the marine environment at a sewage sludge disposal site
Grant/Contract:Mei Ezor Dan
PI:N. Kress, B. Galil, E. Shoham-Frider

  • Monitoring of the marine environment at a treated domestic effluents disposal site
Grant/Contract:Ashdod Municipality
PI:N. Kress, B. Galil, E. Shoham-Frider

  • The impacts of biological invasions and climate change on the biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea
Grant/Contract:Tel-Aviv University and Italy Joint Fund
CO-PI:B. Galil, A. Diamant
Collaborators:Tel Aviv University
ICRAM Laboratory of Milazzo, Italy
Universita di Genova, Italy
Universita di Lecce, Italy

  • Coral reef rehabilitation and restoration, coral breeding program
PI:B. Rinkevich

  • Chimerism and cell lineage biology in colonial protochordates
PI:B. Rinkevich

  • Multi gene expression patterns assigned to crustacean molt and reproduction
Grant/Contract:Israel Science Foundation
PI:M. Tom
Collaborators:Ben Gurion University

  • Evaluating pollution impact on marine fish using microarray-spotted gene product biomarkers
Grant/Contract:Slovenian-Israeli research cooperation in biotechnology, Israel Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport
PI:M. Tom
Collaborators:Slovenian National Institute of Biology, Ljubijana.

  • Production of seed stocks for sustainable tank cultivation of the red edible seaweed Porphyra
Grant/Contract:US-Israel Bi-national Agricultural Research and Development Fund
PI:A. Israel
Collaborators:Michigan State University, U.S.A.

  • Monitoring of seaweed populations in Aqaba Bay, Israel
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Environmental Protection and Interuniversity Institute (Eilat)
PI:A. Israel
Collaborators:Interuniversity Institute, Eilat.

  • Seedlings growth of Porphyra (nori)
Grant/Contract:Noritech Biotechnologies Ltd
PI:A. Israel
Collaborators:Noritech Biotechnologies Ltd.

  • Marine geomics Europe - Implementation of high-throughput genomic approaches to investigate the functioning of marine ecosystems and the biology of marine organisms
Grant/Contract:European Commission
PI:E. Lubzens, B. Rinkevich, M. Tom
Collaborators:Multinational network of excellence coordinates by France Innovation Scientifique et Transfert.

  • Dormancy of cells and organisms-strategies for survival and preservation (Sleeping Beauty)
Grant/Contract:European Commission
PI:E. Lubzens, O. Hadas, A. Sukenik
Collaborators:Institut de Recerca Technologia Agrolimentaries (IRTA), Spain
Goteborg University, Sweden
British Antarctic Survey (NERC-BAS), UK
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany
Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark.

  • Educidating the role of microRNAs in fish vitellogenesis
Grant/Contract:Israel Science Foundation
PI:E. Lubzens
Collaborators:Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

  • Development of methods for preservation of cell in the non-frozen state
Grant/Contract:Ministry of Industry and Commerce - Magnet (TEVA)
PI:E. Lubzens
Collaborators:Israeli biotech companies and academic institutes.

  • Interaction between the GH-IGF axis and Myostatin in regulating muscle growth in Sparus aurata
Grant/Contract:US-Israel Bi-national Aqricultural Research and Development Fund
PI:B. Funkenstein
Collaborators:University of Maryland, USA.

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