Amir Bitan

Amir Bitan
Linkedin page:
Tel: 08 – 6361429
Cell.Phone: 052-6054990
Ph.D. 2012, Ben- Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
At IOLR since 2013

Research interests:

  • Stock enhancement by Nutritional programming and Epigenetic manipulations on fish embryos and larvae using Zebrafish and Seabream as model species.
  • Appetite mechanisms and peptide absorption in farmed fish (e.g seabream, sea bass, grey mullet, grouper and bluefin tuna)
  • Identification of nutritional requirements of fish and shellfish and development of practical feed formulations to optimize their growth

Selected publications:

Bitan, A., Rosenbaum, I. and Abdu, U. (2012). Stable and dynamic microtubule networks coordinately determines and maintains Drosophila bristle shape. Development 139(11), 1987-1996.

Bar-Dubin, D#., Bitan, A#., Bakhrat, A., Amsalem, S. and Abdu, U. (2012). The Drosophila Javelin-like encodes for a novel microtubule associated protein and is required for mRNA localization during oogenesis. Development 138(21), 4661-4671. #Equal contribution

Shapira, S., Bakhrat, A., Bitan. A. and Abdu. U. (2011). The Drosophila javelin gene encodes for a novel actin-associated protein required for actin assembly in the bristle. Mol. Cell. Biol 31(22), 4582-4592.

Bitan, A., Guild, GM., Bar-Dubin, D. and Abdu, U. (2010). Asymmetric Microtubule Function is an Essential Requirement for Polarized Organization of the Drosophila Bristle. Mol. Cell. Biol. 30, 496-507.

Bitan, A., Guild, GM. and Abdu, U. (2010). The Highly Elongated Drosophila Mechanosensory Bristle: A New Model for Studying Polarized Microtubule Function. Fly (Austin) 4 (3), 246-248.

Bar-Dubin, D#., Bitan, A#., Bakhrat, A., Kaiden-Hasson, R., Etzion, S., Shaanan, B. and Abdu U. (2008). The Drosophila IKK-related kinase (Ik2) and Spindle-F proteins are part of a complex that regulates cytoskeleton organization during oogenesis. BMC Cell Biol. 9, 51 #Equal contribution

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