Arseniy R. Morov

Arseniy R. Morov
Tel: 052-3643455
Research Assistant, Lab Manager
Ph.D. 2016, Hiroshima University, Japan
At IOLR since 2019; Ichthyological Lab and Zooplankton Ecology Lab

Research interests:

Molecular identification of marine and freshwater organisms by DNA barcoding and metabarcoding methodologies; environmental DNA surveys; microbiome and mycobiome of marine and freshwater organisms; National Monitoring programs – ichthyological and zooplankton surveys.

Selected publications (last 2 years):

Uttieri M, Anadoli O, Banchi E, Battuello M, Beşiktepe Ş, Carotenuto Y, Marques SC, de Olazabal A, Di Capua I, Engell-Sørensen K, Goruppi A, Guy-Haim T, Hure M, Kourkoutmani P, Lučić D, Mazzocchi MG, Michaloudi E, Morov AR, Terbıyık Kurt T, Tirelli V, Vannini J, Velasquez X, Vidjak O, Wootton M. (2023) The Distribution of Pseudodiaptomus marinus in European and Neighbouring Waters—A Rolling Review. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 11(6):1238.

Guerchon J, Morov AR, Tagar A, Rubin-Blum M, Tikochinski Y, Berenshtein I, Rilov G, Stern N. (2023) Marine top secrets: Ichthyoplankton in surface water uncover hidden knowledge on fish diversity and distribution Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 282, 108226.

Golani D, Edelist D, Morov AR, Stern N. (2023). First confirmed record of Zu cristatus in the Mediterranean coast of Israel and the eastern shores of the Levant. Mediterranean Marine Science 24(1), pp. 87–89.

Velasquez X, Morov AR, Belkin N, Terbiyik Kurt T, Rubin-Blum M, Tchernov D, Meron D, Guy-Haim T. (2023) Feeding strategy and dietary preference shape the microbiome of epipelagic copepods in a warm nutrient-impoverished ecosystem. Environmental DNA 5(1), pp.38-55.

Guy-Haim T, Velasquez X, Terbiyik-Kurt T, Di Capua I, Mazzocchi MG, Morov AR. (2022) A new record of the rapidly spreading calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus marinus (Sato, 1913) in the Levantine Sea using multi-marker metabarcoding. BioInvasions Records 11(4), pp.964-976.

Gabel M, Unger P, Theisen S, Palm HW, Rothman SBS, Yitzhak N, Morov AR, Stern N. (2022) Parasites of pufferfish, Lagocephalus spp. and Torquigener flavimaculosus of the Israeli Mediterranean: A new case of Lessepsian endoparasites. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 19, pp. 211-221.

Belkin N, Guy-Haim T, Rubin-Blum M, Lazar A, Sisma-Ventura G, Kiko R, Morov AR, Ozer T, Gertman I, Herut B, Rahav E. (2022) Influence of cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies on plankton in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea during late summertime. Ocean Science 18 (3), pp. 693–715.

Stern N, Gayer K, Morov AR. (2022) A transparent invasion: a first Mediterranean record and an established population of the glassfish Ambassis dussumieri Cuvier 1828. Mediterranean Marine Science 23(1), pp. 191–195.

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