Shay Tal

Shay Tal

Shay Tal
Tel: 08 – 6361440
Cell Phone: 053-8290086
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Ph.D. 2006, Technion – Israel Institute for Technology, Israel
At IOLR since 2018.

Research interests:

  • Studying marine plasmids, both from environmental samples and from mariculture samples, aiming to understand their role in shaping the bacterial population and their contribution to the genetic repertoire in the sample.
  • Characterization of the acoustic profile within mariculture growth systems and its effect on fish wellbeing, and developing smart mariculture systems based on passive acoustic monitoring.
  • Developing quorum sensing-based biosensors for real-time monitoring of the bacterial population in the fish tanks.
  • Developing microfluidics-based devices for use in mariculture.

Selected publications:

Androsiuk, L., Shay, T., Tal, S., 2023. Characterization of the Environmental Plasmidome of the Red Sea. Microbiol. Spectr. e00400-23.

Eichen, Y., Tal, S., Abraham, Y., Salman, H., Borzin, E., Hertzog-Ronen, C., 2016. Method for identifying electrophiles and nucleophiles in a sample. US patent 9,518,964.

Tal, S., Paulsson, J., 2012. Evaluating quantitative methods for measuring plasmid copy numbers in single cells. Plasmid 67, 167–173.

Burley, G.A., Gierlich, J., Mofid, M.R., Nir, H., Tal, S., Eichen, Y., Carell, T., 2006. Directed DNA Metallization. J Am Chem Soc 128, 1398–1399.

Tal, S., Salman, H., Abraham, Y., Botoshansky, M., Eichen, Y., 2006. Sensitive and Selective Photoinduced-Electron-Transfer-Based Sensing of Alkylating Agents. Chem – European J 12, 4858–4864.

Tal, S., Blumer-Ganon, B., Kapon, M., Eichen, Y., 2005. Reversible and Persistent Electrical Bistability in Single Crystals of a Self-Assembled π-Conjugated Tetraaryl System: A Submicrometer Scale Electrical Characterization. J Am Chem Soc 127, 9848–9854.

Shaked, S., Tal, S., Roichman, Y., Razin, A., Xiao, S., Eichen, Y., Tessler, N., 2003. Charge Density and Film Morphology Dependence of Charge Mobility in Polymer Field-Effect Transistors. Adv Mater 15, 913–916.

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