Timor Katz

Timor Katz

Tel: 04-8565225
Ph.D. 2010, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
At IOLR since 2014

Research interests:

Marine sedimentological processes include sediment fluxes, transport, accumulation, and geochemical interactions with the water column.
Timor’s current studies include; exploring sediment transport across the shore to deep sea continuum, biogenic and lithogenic fluxes through the water column,  the effects of biological resuspension in the marine environment, and the introduction of terrestrial sediments into the Gulf of Aqaba by desert flash floods, turbidity currents, post-deposition processes and dispersal of flood sediments in the sea.

Selected publications:

Katz T., Ginat H., Eyal G., Steiner Z., Braun Y., Shalev S. and Goodman-Tchernov B. N. (2015) Desert flash floods form hyperpycnal flows in the coral-rich Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 417, 87–98.

Goodman Tchernov B., Katz T., Shaked Y., Qupty N., Kanari M., Niemi T. and Agnon A. (2016) Offshore Evidence for an Undocumented Tsunami Event in the “Low Risk” Gulf of Aqaba-Eilat, Northern Red Sea. PLoS One 11, e0145802.

Katz T., Yahel G., Tunnicliffe V., Herut B., Whitney F., V.R. Snelgrove P. and Lazar B. (2016) The silica cycle in a Northeast Pacific fjord; the role of biological resuspension. Prog. Oceanogr. 147, 10–21.

Rahav E., Paytan A., Chien C., Ovadia G., Katz T. and Herut B. (2016) The impact of atmospheric dry deposition associated microbes on the southeastern Mediterranean Sea surface water following an intense dust storme. Front. Mar. Sci. 3, 127.

Tyuleneva N., Braun Y., Katz T., Suchkov I. and Goodman-tchernov B. (2017) A new chalcolithic-era tsunami event identified in the off shore sedimentary record of Jisr al-Zarka ( Israel ). Mar. Geol.

Katz, T., Crouvi, O. (2018) Sediment flux dynamics over the shallow (25 m depth) shelf of the Mediterranean Sea along the Israeli coast. Marine Geology. 406, 1-11.

Mathalon, A., Goodman-tchernov, B., Hill, P., Kálmán, Á., Katz, T. (2019). Factors influencing flash flood deposit preservation in shallow marine sediments of a hyperarid environment. Mar. Geol. 411, 22–35. Doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2019.01.010

Alkalay, R., Zlatkin, O., Katz, T., Herut, B., Halicz, L., 2020. Carbon export and drivers in the southeastern Levantine Basin. Deep. Res. Part II 171, 104713.

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Kalman, A., Katz, T., Hill, P., Goodman-Tchernov, B., 2020. Droughts in the desert: Medieval Warm Period associated with coarse sediment layers in the Gulf of Aqaba-Eilat, Red Sea. Sedimentology 67, 3152–3166.

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Stern, N., Alkalay, R., Lazar, A., Katz, T., Weinstein, Y., Berman Frank, I., Herut, B., 2020. Unexpected massive enmeshments of the Sharpchin barracudina Paralepis coregonoides Risso, 1820 in mesopelagic sediment traps in the Levantine Basin, SE Mediterranean Sea. /mms.20747. Mediterr. Mar. Sci. 21, 47–51.

Jaijel, R., Goodman Tchernov, B.N., Biton, E., Weinstein, Y., Katz, T., 2021. Optimizing a standard preparation procedure for grain size analysis of marine sediments by laser diffraction (MS-PT4SD: Marine sediments-pretreatment for size distribution). Deep. Res. Part I Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 167, 103429.

Oron, S., Sadekov, A., Katz, T., Goodman-Tchernov, B., 2021. Benthic foraminifera geochemistry as a monitoring tool for heavy metal and phosphorus pollution — A post fish-farm removal case study. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 168, 112443. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2021.112443

Sisma-ventura, G., Herut, B., Silverman, J., Katz, T., Rubin-Blum, M., Rahav, E., 2021. P Fluxes and Prokaryotic Cycling at Benthic Boundary Layer in the Deep Southeastern Mediterranean Sea. J. Geophys. Res. biogeosciences 126, 1–11.

Zirks, E., Krom, M., Schmiedl, G., Katz, T., Xiong, Y., Alcott, L.J., Poulton, S.W., Goodman-Tchernov, B., 2021. Redox evolution and the development of oxygen minimum zones in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine basin during the early Holocene. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 297, 82–100.

Kalman, A., Goodman-tchernov, B., Hill, P., Everhardt, C., Mathalon, A., Katz, T., 2022. Anthropogenic changes in waterways produce " drought-like " layers in shelf sediments. Elem Sci Anth 2030, 1–19.

Sahoglu, V., Sterba, J.H., Katz, T., Tyuleneva, N., Bichler, M., Erkanal, H., Goodman-Tchernov, B.N., 2022. Volcanic ash, victims, and tsunami debris from the Late Bronze Age Thera eruption discovered at C¸es¸me-Ba_glararası (Turkey). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 119, 1–8.

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Jaijel, R., Biton, E., Weinstein, Y., Ozer, T., Katz, T., 2023. Observations of turbidity currents in a small , slope-confined submarine canyon in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 604, 118008. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118008

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