Yael Segal

Yael Segal


Tel: 04 – 8565256

Ph.D. 2005, Technion, Israel

Research interests:

My main interest is marine macro and micro litter. We study marine litter classification and its spatial-temporal distribution on Israeli rivers, beaches, coastal and open sea waters. We are interested in better understanding the sources of litter, its behavior both in the sea and on the shore, and the forces affecting marine litter.

My other research interest is marine pollution by heavy metals and nutrients.

Selected publications:

Segal, Y. and Lubinevsky, H., 2023. Spatiotemporal distribution of seabed litter in the SE Levantine Basin during 2012–2021. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 188, p.114714.

Herut, B., Gertner, Y., Segal, Y., Sisma-Ventura, G., Gordon, N., Belkin, N. and Rahav, E., 2023. Long-Term (2002–2021) Trend in Nutrient-Related Pollution at Small Stratified Inland Estuaries, the Kishon SE Mediterranean Case. Water, 15(3), p.484

Segal Yael, Yaron Gertner, Guy Sisma-Ventura, Dror Zurel, Barak Herut, 2022. The State of Beach Litter Pollution during the COVID-19 Pandemic: a case study of the Israeli coasts, Coastal Management, V50, p. 372-384

Ashkenazi, D.Y., Segal, Y., Ben-Valid, S., Paz, G., Tsubery, M.N., Salomon, E., Abelson, A. and Israel, Á., 2022. Enrichment of nutritional compounds in seaweeds via abiotic stressors in integrated aquaculture. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, p.103067

Shaar, R., Hassul, E., Raphael, K., Ebert, Y., Segal, Y., Eden, I., Vaknin, Y., Marco, S., Nowaczyk, N.R., Chauvin, A. and Agnon, A., 2018. The First catalog of archaeomagnetic directions from Israel with 4,000 years of geomagnetic secular variations. Frontiers in Earth Science, 6, p.164.

Segal, Y., Linker, R. and Dosoretz, C.G., 2011. Quantitative estimation of protein fouling of ultra-filtration membranes by photoacoustic spectrosco. DesalinationVolume 271, Issues 1-3

Segal, Y., Marco, S. and Ellenblum, R., 2003. Intensity and direction of the geomagnetic field in 24 August 1179 measured in Vadum Iacob (Ateret) Crusader Fortress, northern Israel. Isr. J. Earth Sci., 52:203-208

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